Canada remains one of the best countries to live on the planet. Its thriving economy offers immense opportunities to people from all walks of life. Among the developed nations, Canada ranks highly for its respect for human and property rights, trustworthiness, religious freedom, politically stability, and well-developed public education system.

A highly multicultural society, largely due to its openness to immigration, Canada is widely acclaimed for its national policy on multiculturalism.

With a thriving economy, robust healthcare and education systems, as well as a rich ethnic diversity and a host of other amazing features, it’s no surprise that people from across the globe seek the opportunity to migrate to Canada.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (or Immigration, Réfugiés et Citoyenneté Canada), more commonly known by its abbreviation – IRCC, is the arm of the Government of Canada that is solely responsible for all matters relevant to Canada immigration, including refugees and Canadian citizenship.

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Relocating to a foreign country goes beyond packing your bags and hopping on the next plane. It’s a major decision and potentially a lifelong undertaking. It therefore makes sense to learn as much as possible about your proposed destination before embarking on such an undertaking.

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