Our Vision

New Immigrant’s Guide (NIG) was created by a team (fondly called the ‘NIG Team’) of well-meaning individuals and strong advocates of positive social change, with a vision to facilitate the settlement and prosperity of new immigrants in Canada, while also providing resources to help prospective immigrants make a more informed decision regarding their immigration pursuits.

The NIG Team studied how new immigrants settle into their new environment, many of them struggling to survive, and experiencing hardship for quite a long time, often running into many months and years after migrating.

With Canada’s increasing popularity as a choice destination for immigrants, easy access to relevant migration and settlement resources has become increasingly essential

NewImmigrantsGuide.com aims to serve as a primary hub of resources, providing in one site (this website) easy access to relevant resources that might help to facilitate the settlement and prosperity of new immigrants, while also providing useful resources that might help prospective immigrants to make a more informed decision regarding their immigration aspirations.

NIG Team



Disclaimer: The NewImmigrantsGuide.com website is for informational purposes only, serving solely as a hub of resources and general guidance. The resources provided herein are not a substitution for, and do not in anyway constitute or represent, legal or professional immigration advice. The NIG Team and NewImmigrantsGuide.com do not represent or act on behalf of any immigration agency, immigration consultant, or immigration attorney. Therefore, we accept no responsibility for any consequential actions taken, whether legal, immigration, or otherwise, by any and all visitors to this website. It is the sole responsibility of visitors to seek advice from only licensed immigration professionals before taking any action.